PROathlete Talk #05 with Muscle Researcher Prof. Per Tesch

Per-TeschIn this episode we welcome the muscle researcher Per Tesch from the Karolinska Institute and nHANCE, Stockholm. He is a researcher, founder, and sport scientific advisor with an impressive track record. The American College of Sports Medicine announced him as a fellow. Besides his research awards of renowned institutes (NASA, ESA, NIH), he has also achieved practical merits like the Olympic silver medal as coach and sport scientific advisor. Beyond that, he is the co-founder of the Tesch & Övermo foundation, that aims to foster muscle health.
My mentor Henk Kraaijenhof introduced me to the work of Per several years ago. In the meantime, I integrated some of his outstanding findings successfully into my toolbox. In this conversation, we are talking about Per´s muscle research, his unique career and possible applications of the eccentric overload concept.

„The eccentric action is part of normal locomotor activities and should not be viewed as a separate action.“

In more detail:

  • We are talking about his NASA research
  • Future research challenges
  • Per explains some aspects of the eccentric muscle action and the eccentric-overload concept